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Introducing PubNinja

PubNinja is a cloud-based development and management platform. Our platform lets you: Create and manage a web presence in few clicks, Create/Distribute/Monetise digital content in 'Stories' and 'Feed' format, Sell your products online.

Create a web presence in few clicks

It is quick and easy to setup a new website with customisable design. Connect the website to your existing domains or buy a new domain.

Create digital content in 'Stories' and 'Feed' format

'Stories' are the new full-screen, mobile-first sequential feed that engages the audience in a superior way. In a social first world, Your website needs to adapt new content formats. Give your website a truly new-age look and upload all Video, Audio and Text content with ease.

Distribute your content through multiple channels

Launch your Social Media friendly Website with advanced SEO tools and integrable social media scheduler. Notify your audience of your latest content through browser notification, newsletters and aggregator platforms.

Monetise your content

Choose the most convenient way to monetise your brand. Be it PubNinja's programmatic Ads solutions, your own Ad Accounts or direct sales.

Sell your products online

List your product on custom feed and 'Story' feed with swipe-up feature. Integrate other E-commerce tools like Payment Gateways, Shipping Services. (Coming Soon)

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