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Is extremely complicated with increasing costs to set up and run your own teams of tech, writers, strategy, monetisation and distribution.


We provide you the end to end set up of tech infrastructure, monetisation, content curation, business strategy and more at a fraction of the total cost and effort.


Our Global Managed Publisher Services empowers you to focus on publishing and distribution with the support of our team’s digital and social expertise.

Own your own website

Build and own a new asset with our team’s expertise.

Website & Logo design

So you can build a brand your audiences love.

Tech Infrastructure

For your website hosting, responsiveness and functioning.

Editorial Strategy Support

To distribute more engaging & entertaining content.

Exclusive Content

Extra edge over other publishers with customised content.

Analytics & Reporting

Realtime performance analysis to optimise distribution.

Latest Digital Infrastructure

With the best technology in the market to have eased accessibility.

Optimal Monetisation

Competitive programmatic set up for better Ad revenues.


Premium Publishers who want to:
  1. Save costs
  2. Save time & resources
  3. Have an experienced team for growth
  4. Compete with global players
  1. Have another asset hassle free
  2. Build on house brand
  3. Engage, Entertain and increase loyal audience
  4. Earn more profits


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