1. How do I create a website through PubNinja?
    Click on ‘Create Now’ on You will be then asked to chose the brand and domain name of your website. Click ‘Create website’ and your website will be created.
  2. How do I sign-in on the PubNinja platform?
    You can login in directly here : Also on the main site there is a “Creator’s Sign-in” button on the home page which will always direct you to your PubNinja login.
  3. What branding asset can I add to the website?
    You can add your logo, color theme and brand name to the website.
  4. Can I run the website without adding my own domain?
    Yes, but you need to add the domain to enable the monetization features.
  5. How do I add my domain to the website?
    Go to ‘Add domain’ under Settings tab of Dashboard
  6. If I add an existing domain, Do I need to port over the content from the website as well?
    If you existing domain has historical content that is of value to you then you should first import the content then add the domain.
  7. How do I import existing content from my older website to this new website?
    Go to ‘Import’ section under Settings tab of Dashboard
  8. If I import my older website, Would I face any drop in existing traffic?
    No, Porting over your old website and its contents will not affect your traffic in any way.
  9. Would I need to write my websites policy/terms and conditions?
    A templated version of policy/terms and conditions is provided for your website which you can accept, amend, or decline in favor of your own.
  10. Can I operate multiple websites under the same account?
  11. How do I delete my website from PubNinja?
    To delete your website, send us an email at [email protected]
  12. How can I take export content from the website?
    You can reach out to us at [email protected]
  13. Will my site show in Google Search?
  14. Will my articles be Google AMP compliant?
  15. Will I lose my existing SEO traffic or backlinks if I port over to a PubNinja setup?
  16. How do I earn?
    You have the options of earning through either Subscriptions or Advertisement or both.
  17. When do I get qualified for Ads?
    When you have relevant content and traffic, Ads will automatically starts to appear on your content, given you have not disabled Ads from the system.
  18. How much time does it take for the Ads to activated?
    Once your website is qualified for Ads, It takes approximately 5 working days for Ads to appear on your website.
  19. Will the Paid subscribed user also see the Ad?
    Paid subscriber will have an Ad free experience.
  20. How would my subscribers be charged?
    Subscribers will be charged on a monthly or a yearly basis.
  21. How do I import my e-mail list?
    Go to import option under Newsletter Tab in the dashboard
  22. When do I get paid out?
    Net 30 days and a threshold of $100 receivable
  23. What are the transactional charges?
    There is an additional fees for processing payments. ACH payout pricing (sending USD in the US)
    USD: $1.40 per payout min.

    International Transfers - A flat fee for the transfer
    A % fee for the FX conversion ( generally 0.33%-3.56% of the transaction amount )
    For more details:
  24. What are the payment platforms?
    Transferwise for payouts
Note: If you find difficulty in executing any action item or don’t find any of the given feature on the dashboard, please reach out to us at [email protected]