Pricing - All you need to know
PubNinja is free to get started. We do not charge until you start earning. Earn at your own convenience, preference and style through subscription, ads or both.

Subscriptions: Build a subscription business and earn sustainable recurring revenue.

PubNinja Fees:

10% of your earnings + applicable taxes + payment processing fees.

About Payment Processing fees:


Advertisement: Activate ad monetisation on your website and earn ad revenue.

PubNinja Fees:

10% of your earnings + applicable taxes + payment processing fees*

About Payment Processing fees:
*Video Monetisation


  1. Payouts criteria:
    1. Correct Bank information in the Account
    2. Please ensure that the bank information you have updated in your account on the dashboard is correct. Incorrect or missing information may cause delays and other issues.

    3. Government Verified ID proof
    4. In cases where it is required, the ID proof you submit on your account should be government verified and legitimate, preferably in English. This is a precautionary measure to ensure the payout is to the right account holder. This ID proof should match with the details mentioned on your account. If there is a mismatch of this ID proof, there can be cancellation or delay in payments until the right ID proof is submitted.

    5. Minimum Payout Value
    6. The minimum amount value for payout is USD100 for earned Ad revenue. If the minimum amount value is lesser than this, it will get accumulated with the next month payout respectively till it reaches this minimum amount value.

    7. Payout Period
    8. Payouts are at Net 30 working days.

    9. Invoicing
    10. Mandatory to share invoices to receive payouts.

    11. Compliance with our and our partners’ policies
    12. Since our offerings are the best combinations of multiple third parties, we need to ensure they are complied with so you are always able to access all our services and benefits.

  2. Payout Process:
    1. When you meet the above mentioned criteria, payment will be processed in net 30 working days. It may take 1-3 working days for you to receive your payout.
  3. Google Adsense & Ad Exchange policies for payment:
    1. TLDR: In brief, content and distribution needs to be safe and legal for audiences. Any kind of suspected traffic which appears to be invalid or spam clicks, bots, false representation or illegal, will not qualify for payout. For more details please refer to Google Adsense & Ad Exchange policies and our Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use
  4. What if there is a delay in your Payout?
    1. There can be multiple reasons for delays such as holidays and / or incorrect account information/ cancelation of ad revenue due to non compliance with policies.
    2. In case of holidays, please acquaint yourself with public / national / global holidays and recheck your payment with your bank. If you've already connected with your bank and are certain that you have not received the payment, then go to your account and recheck your account information.
    3. If it is wrong please update it on the dashboard and email your account manager or on [email protected]
  5. How to avoid delay in Payouts?
    1. Update correct bank account information in the account.
    2. Update legitimate, valid Government verified id proof preferably in English.
    3. Make sure your account is up to date well before the payment due date.
    4. Make sure you are compliant with all third party policies that we work with.