How To Send Email Newsletters With PubNinja
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How To Send Email Newsletters With PubNinja

A step-by-step guide to sending newsletters.


Newsletters are the most direct way of interacting with your fans. as your content reaches straight to your subscriber's inbox. Newsletters would help you create a loyal fan base as your content would reach the exact target audience, informing them of your latest content. And most importantly, newsletters have extremely high conversion rates which means your content has a better chance of being viewed when sent through a newsletter than any other medium.

Step 1: Share

Click on 'Newsletter' under the 'Share' tab.

Step 2: Import existing subscribers

If you already have a mailing list of subscribers, you can import all those addresses through a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. The members who subscribe to you on the PubNinja platform would automatically appear in your mailing list.

Step 3: Campaign

Click on 'Create Campaign' to send a newsletter. Fill in the following details:

a) Subject - Craft a great subject line to catch your reader's attention. 

b) Preamble - Write a brief summary of your newsletter and what is it meant for.

c) Article link - Select the article you wish to share with your audience.

d) Target audience - Select the people you wish to send the newsletters to. It is set to 'All' by default. You will find two other options here: Free and Paid. If your membership option is enabled, by clicking on 'Paid' you can send the newsletters only to those members who pay for your content. If you select 'Free' the newsletter would be sent to members who do not pay for your content. If you select 'All' your newsletter would go to all your members.

Step 4: Test Email

Before you send the newsletter to all your fans, try a test email to see if the mail appears properly and in the way you intended it to. 

Step 5: Start Campaign

If the test email looks fine to you then you can send the newsletter to all your contacts simply by clicking on 'Start Campaign.'