How To Manage Ads And Memberships On Your Website
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How To Manage Ads And Memberships On Your Website

A step by step guide of managing ads and membership information on your website.


You can enable the ads and the membership on your website by the simple click of a button. All you need to do is fill in your bank details and you will be ready to use the 'premium content' feature of your website. Here's what you need to do:

1. Enable Ads For Your Website

If you wish to enable ads for your content then simply use the toggle button to 'Yes' and customized ads would start reflecting at pre-defined locations on your content.

2. Enable Subscriptions For Your Website

Your website can host both 'free content' and 'premium content' simultaneously. Premium content is protected by a paywall that means only a paying subscriber can access that content. You will need to enable Subscriptions by clicking on 'Yes' if you want some (or all) of your content to be premium. Once you enable subscription, you will have the option of defining each piece of content as either 'free' or 'premium' before you publish it.

a. Enter The Subscription Price - Enter the subscription you wish to charge from your subscribers. You can define both monthly and yearly charges, and your subscribers would be billed accordingly.

b. What Features Would You Offer For Your Subscribers - Let your subscribers know about the privileges you have to offer if they choose to pay for your content. You can choose from the pre-defined set of features or create one yourself for the benefit of your subscribers.

c. Bank Account Information - Fill in the details in order to connect your website with your bank account. Your earnings through the ads and the membership would be deposited in the account you provide.