Blogging 101: How To Grow Your Audience
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Blogging 101: How To Grow Your Audience

Here's everything you need to know about growing the audience to your blog.

This is the third article in a series of informational posts about blogging successfully. Check out the introduction to blogging and ways to generate new ideas if you haven't before.

"Create an audience, nurture them well, and you will succeed."

Blogging, in essence, is audience-oriented. A blogger writes for an audience and their success is dependent on how large their readership is. The audience, in fact, is the greatest factor in deciding the subject for the content and the way to present them. It is, therefore, important that you nurture your audience, cater to them, and grow their numbers. Here, we will discuss the different ways in which you can do that.

1. Write in detail 

Do not hold back on writing. When you are writing on a topic delve into the details, elaborate your points, and explain your thoughts as clearly as possible. By writing extremely detailed posts you achieve two things: showcasing your expertise on the matter as well as ranking well on SEO with long-tail keywords. Further, the more elaborate your content, the more difficult it is for others to copy.

2. Gather emails 

Request your audience to subscribe to your blog. Subscribers are important because you can send them newsletters directly and they can become the most consistent source of traffic for you. A majority of readers who subscribe to you would also become your loyal fans who would, in turn, recommend your content to others. You can also request them to share your content which they would gladly do if you have justified the content at your end.

3. Social media 

Social media still remains one of the greatest platforms for content discovery. As a blogger looking for more readers, you need to integrate social media as part of your writing process. Not only should be actively posting on these platforms, but you should also be monitoring them regularly to keep track of content trends. Based on the kind of content you write you can choose any platform ranging from Facebook and Twitter to Quora, Medium, Reddit, or more. It would, however, be advisable to be active on as many platforms as you can so as not to miss out on any potential reader.

4. Collaborate 

You need not be an isolated blogger. In fact, the more networking you do, the larger your audience can be. You can start by connecting with fellow bloggers who write on the same topics as you do. You may collaborate with them to write for each other's blogs, to share content on each other's platforms, and even to promote each other. It is obvious that not every blogger would be open for a partnership but you need to keep trying for your own growth. A few good partnerships can help multiply your audience phenomenally.

5. Content management 

Your content needs to have a few basic qualities to reach more people.

a) Write naturally - Make your post easy to read. If your reader finds it difficult to understand your content, they would walk away.

b) Don't force keywords - You should never aim at thrusting more and more keywords into your post. As a rule, if the keyword doesn't fit in naturally in the content, do not use it. 

c) Write often - Look at increasing the frequency of your posts. And while you do that make sure you are not erratic or sporadic but consistent. Get your audience used to your content and they will come back for more.

d) Clean-up your blog - Never have a cluttered blog that is difficult to navigate. Readers need to have the ease-of-access more than anything else. Keep your blog simple, tidy, and organized. The cleaner your presentation, the better the chances of your readers reading more.

6. Interact 

Initiate a conversation with your fans. Talk to them directly if possible and take into account their feedback. Respond to their comments on your posts, highlight their inputs publicly if they add something useful, express gratitude when they support or criticize your point of view, and try to make them an integral part of your blogging process. The more you involve your audience in your work, the loyal your fanbase gets. 

7. Be patient 

It takes time. No one can become a successful blogger overnight, it takes persistence and the determination to keep going. The fact is that your first 10k readers would be the most difficult to obtain. But if you keep pushing and stick to your plan, your readership would definitely grow. It also happens quite often that once you reach a critical number, say 50k readers a month, the readership snowballs and increases exponentially. All you need to do is be patient and keep working hard.

In the next post, we would discuss the ways in which you can earn through blogging. You can read it here.