Blogging 101: How To Earn Money With Your Blog
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Blogging 101: How To Earn Money With Your Blog

Here's how you can earn money through your blog.

This is the fourth article in a series of informational posts about blogging successfully. Do check out the introductory post, ways to generate ideas consistently, and ways to grow your audience, if you haven't already.

"You can earn through your blog and you can earn as much as you work."

Tens of thousands of bloggers are making money through their blogs worldwide. They have persisted with their efforts, managed to refine their content, nurture and grow their audience, and are now reaping the rewards of their effort. As a blogger, you can aim to do the same and PubNinja can help you earn through the following two methods.

1. Earn through Ads

Ad revenues are ideally suitable for blogs with high traffic. There are two different ways in which the ad revenue is generated: CPC and CPM. CPC is 'Cost Per Click' where you earn every time a reader clicks on the ad on your post. It has relatively low returns as readers do not click on the ads much.

The other way is through CPM, Cost Per Mille, which is based on the number of people who saw the ad on your post. Suppose the CPM for a particular ad is $1, it means that you earn $1 for every 1,000 views. If you have a large reader base, more people view these ads consistently and your revenue rises.

PubNinja provides CPM enabled ads for your blog. And with PubNinja, you need not worry about monitoring the ads individually as your earnings are reflected on your dashboard on a real-time basis. Further, PubNinja works with different ad networks to provide the best possible CPM rates for your blog which can maximize your earning potential. All you need to do is focus on creating great content and keeping your audience engaged.

2. Earn through membership

Content is gradually moving towards the membership model for revenue generation. Take the example of the New York Times, Netflix, Amazon, or any other major content producer and they depend on their audience to pay for their content. The membership model for revenue, therefore, is based on having a loyal fan base than a large fan base. You need an audience that is ready to pay for your content to earn through membership.

For example, suppose you write blog posts about the latest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Now, you may not find hundreds of thousands of readers for your blog but you may definitely find a thousand who are interested in the subject. You start writing for these thousand readers and create value for them. You can then charge them, say $5 a month, for your blog posts. If your content is compelling enough, they would not mind paying $5 each but your revenue would become $5,000.

The membership model is, therefore, the future of content revenue generation as the creators can easily define their audience and create sharp, engaging, and valuable content for a smaller group of an audience without compromising on their earnings. 

As a blogger, start building an email list. Ask your readers to subscribe to your blog. Start writing niche-specific content with great insights and in detail. Gradually, you would have an audience who would be willing to pay you for your work. And it's not just the income, the sharper your writing gets, the better your content would become attracting even more readers in turn.

PubNinja helps you earn through membership. You get the simple option of choosing if you want your content to be published for free consumption or for paid members. PubNinja will take care of all the transactions for you, it will manage all your earnings, and ensure that you keep earning regularly by charging your members at your behest. You can enable the 'Premium Content' option by going to 'Earn', then 'Membership' and click on 'Yes' to 'Enable Subscriptions for Website.'

Mixed Revenue

You can choose which blog posts you want to present for free and which one you wish to charge for. Your extremely popular posts, for example, will attract a lot of readers and will help you gain new subscribers. Let these posts be available for free as you would earn through ads. The highly-detailed articles could be presented only for the members, thereby earning through membership. 

Experiment with different options and find out the best possible revenue stream for yourself. The fact is that you can earn with a thousand readers and you can earn with a million users, and only your content would decide which is the most suitable option for you.

Now that you know how you can earn through your blog, you should keep in mind a few guidelines that will help you prevent making mistakes as you blog.