Blogging 101 : How To Generate Content Consistently
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Blogging 101 : How To Generate Content Consistently

Everything you need to know about creating new content and discovering new ideas.

This is the second article in a series of informational posts about blogging successfully. Do check out the introductory post(Hyperlink) if you haven't to know more about starting your own blog.

"Content is king. It has always been and it will remain so." 

Writing a blog post is not difficult. Finding the right theme for your blog is not difficult. It is not difficult to get a hundred or a thousand readers to your blog either. The only difficult aspect of blogging, in fact, is the consistent generation of ideas. The difference between successful bloggers and bloggers who begin but lose steam in a few months is their capability of generating new thoughts regularly. 

Here, we would discuss the various ways in which you can generate new ideas on a regular basis to keep your readers engaged.

1. Mind Mapping 

Most of us do one or the other form of mind mapping every day. When it comes to your content, you need to do it consciously. Map out all of the relevant topics, sub-topics, and associated ideas for your subject. Put it up on a sketch board if you like. Once you get a visual representation of the ideas on your subject matter, you would then be able to explore each of them in detail.

2. Scan Social Media 

Social media is where everything's happening. Follow and keep close tabs on as many social media accounts as you can who produce content on the same subject as you. Suppose there are ten content creators writing about the same technology (Artificial Intelligence for example), you would get a glimpse of ten unique perspectives on the matter and you would be able to find one for yourself. 

3. Monitor Trends 

For bloggers, keeping up-to-date with the trends is important because the reading audience does not entertain stale content. Google Trends and Twitter Trends are two of the most useful platforms for discovering new trends. You can use these platforms to customize your search and they can help you discover the latest trends on your subject matter. As trends change, change your presentation too.

4. Comments And Feedback 

The feedback which you receive on your blog posts and the comments you get when you share them with your readers are the best means of gauging your audience's interest. Even when you are browsing through your competitor's content, go through the comments and feedback they receive. Not only would it help you understand what not to do but also help you think of new ideas based on what the readers want.

5. Topic Generator Platforms 

There are multiple platforms out there which help you generate topics based on keywords. Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator, Buzzsumo, Alltop, UberSuggest, etc. are some of the websites which can help you generate topics in real-time. Some of their services are free and some are chargeable so you can decide which one to opt for in case you decide to use them.

6. Updates And Rework 

You can always go back to the topics you have already covered and try to present them in a different way. There could be updates that came up since you last covered a particular topic or a new idea that flashed through your head when you read an older post. You may even try to approach the older pos from different perspectives. The idea is to keep the thoughts churning and a topic would definitely emerge for you to write on.

7. YouTube 

Believe it or not, YouTube can be a goldmine for idea generation. There are multiple creators on YouTube creating visual content on the same topic which you are writing on. Follow them, go through their work, and discover some more. You will get multiple new ideas listening to them and watching them as they bring out their own thoughts.

8. Collaborate 

As a blogger, you need not work in isolation. Collaborate with fellow bloggers, talk with them, share ideas with them and try to initiate a conversation with a purpose. Try creating long-term associations with fellow bloggers. Collaborations are a great way to brainstorm and are mutually beneficial for both parties involved. 

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which you can come up with new ideas regularly. Do not stop researching and learning more about your subject and you would find ideas in abundance. You may experience a writer's block, once in a while, but these tips would help you ensure your ideas keep pouring forth.

Now that you know exactly how to hunt for new ideas, do read our post on how to grow your audience. (Hyperlink)