How To Track Your Revenue on PubNinja
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How To Track Your Revenue on PubNinja

How to track your revenue and monitor your earnings.


The Revenue Analysis section of the website, under Earn, helps you track your revenue in real-time and helps you monitor your earnings. This section provides a detailed breakdown of your revenue sources based on eCPM, the country in which your content was viewed, and the revenue generated through subscribers.

1. Revenue Through Ads

1. eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille) 

The revenue earned through Ads is measured in terms of CPM, i.e. money earned per thousand views. For example, if the CPM for a particular ad is $1, it means that you will earn $1 for every thousand visitors who view the ad.

eCPM is an effective CPM. Your content can have more than one ad on one page with different CPM for each ad. eCPM is the cumulative CPM for that page. For example, if your article has 2 ads at $1 and $2 CPM, your eCPM is $3. This means that you will earn $3 for every thousand views on this article.

2. PR and ROW 

The CPMs are different based on the country in which your content is being seen. For example, the same article can fetch you a CPM of $1 if viewed in certain countries and $0.5 if viewed in other countries. To help you monitor earnings better, your viewership has been divided into 2 parts.

a. PR - PR stands for premium countries (USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada). The CPMs are higher if your audience belongs to these countries.

b. ROW - ROW stands for the rest of the world. The CPMs are relatively lower if your audience belongs to countries other than the premium ones.

3. Revenue

Your total revenue is calculated by multiplying the total number of views on your website with eCPM (Views X eCPM). The different sections provided in the Revenue Analysis help you track the revenue based on time and sessions.

2. Revenue Through Subscriptions

Your subscribers would pay you a subscription fee for Premium Content which would be handled by PubNinja. You can enable the 'Premium Content' option by going to 'Earn', then 'Membership' and click on 'Yes' to 'Enable Subscriptions for Website.'

Once you have set the price and your subscriber opts for a paid subscription, your recurring revenue would appear under the 'Earn' section of your dashboard.

The table marked 'Revenue From Subscribers' under 'Statistics' would give you a detailed overview of your income through paid subscribers.

'Traffic Insights' tells you the number of visitors you had on a particular date.