1. How will you earn through your platform?
    Creators can earn in two ways:
    • Membership: Creators run a paid subscription content service to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences for their members.
    • Advertisements: Creators display Ads on top of their content and / or website.
  2. What is my Payout?
    Creators will receive 90% of the net revenue made on the platform.

    For Subscriptions earning, There will be an additional credit card fees charged by our payment provider Stripe (2.9% plus 30 cents a transaction). If you choose to monetise video on the website, the video streaming cost will be deducted from the Video Ad revenue.
  3. What is the Payout criteria?
    • Correct Bank information in the Account: Please ensure that the bank information you have updated in your account is correct.
    • Government Verified ID proof: The ID proof you submit on your account should be government verified and legitimate, preferably in English. This is a precautionary measure to ensure the payout is to the right account holder. This ID proof should match with the details mentioned on your account. If there is a mismatch of this ID proof, there can be cancellation or delay in payments until the right ID proof is submitted.
    • Minimum Payout Value: The minimum amount value for payout is USD100 for subscription and for Advertisement. If the minimum amount value is lesser than this, it will get accumulated with the next month payout respectively till it reaches this minimum amount value.
    • Payout Period: Payouts are at Net 30 days.
    • Compliance with our and our partners’ policies: Since our offerings are the best combinations of multiple third parties, we need to ensure they are complied with so you are always able to access our services seamlessly.
  4. What are Google Adsense & Ad Exchange policies for payment?
    TLDR: In brief, content and distribution needs to be safe and legal for audiences. Any kind of suspected traffic which appears to be invalid or spam clicks, bots, false representation or illegal, will not qualify for payout. For more details refer to Google Adsense & Ad Exchange policies and our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service.
  5. Why do we need an ID proof for your payout?
    Our payment partners like Transferwise have responsibilities to their financial partners that involve verifying your identity and confirming the legitimacy of your business. In some cases, Transferwise may need to collect a bit more information from you to ensure we can continue making transfers to your bank account.
    In order to get you fully up, and running with your account, you need to upload a scan, or photograph of a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport).
  6. What is the Payout Method?
    To get your payout, you need to ensure to have updated your confirmed banking details in your account. Once you meet the criteria for payout, we will process your payout using Transferwise. All costs of transaction including forex ( if any) will be levied on the payout. For more details on these costs, please refer to
  7. What are the processing charges on my Payouts ?
    • Transferwise -
      ACH payout pricing (transferring USD in the US) USD: $1.40 per payout min.
    • International Transfers - A flat fee for the transfer
      A % fee for the FX conversion ( generally 0.33%-3.56% of the transaction amount )
      According to Transferwise, overall it is cheaper to send in local currency to other countries than to send in USD, given that local currency is supported by Transferwise.

      The above charges vary based on transferwise. For more details:
  8. How many days does it take to receive the Payout?
    Generally it takes 1-3 working days. If there is a delay in your payment, please check with your bank first.

    There can be multiple reasons for delays such as holidays and / or incorrect account information. In case of holidays, please acquaint yourself with public / national / global holidays and recheck your payment with your bank.

    If you’ve already connected your bank and are certain that you have not received the payment, then go to your account and recheck your account information. If it is wrong please update it on the dashboard and then fill out this form.

    Note: These payment terms and conditions are subject to change. You are advised to check this section on the website for updates.
  9. How to avoid delay in Payouts?
    • Update correct bank account information in the account.
    • Update legitimate, valid Government verified id proof preferably in English.
    • Make sure your account is up to date well before the payment due date.
    • Make sure you are compliant with all third party policies that we work with.